Saturday, September 11, 2010

ZEA fanacc for showcase

Showcase was organized by Sony Music at Suntec Convention Hall 603. The line was manageable. The fans were well behaved. No one got screamed at by the bodyguards. Everyone followed instructions. This is like the best and most organized fan meet anyone cld ask for! For one, i LOVE the airconditioned venue which is far away from the eyes of curious public. Best of all, me and my group got to stand RIGHT in front of the barricade! this is thanks to Risz who came at like 630AM to queue ((: We got to stand right in the middle somemore!
and and and i had looooooooads of Dongjun like eye to eye contact.
and that one time Heecheol teased all of us by licking his fingers with tt piece of cake. I screamed like mad whilst staring into his eyes and he with his cheeky smile ((: was wayy too mesmerized to videocam. I hope someone managed to video cam tt scene!
oh how you tease us heecheol!

so i bought the Cat One seats which meant we got signatures of all nine members!
Before going upstage, Risz, Fid, Adrienne and me made a pact to dance to a little bit of Mazeltov by doing the Mazeltov hand sign and singing. In the end we did it!
Order in which the boys were seated:
Kevin, Junyoung, Taehun, Hyungsik, Heecheol, Dongjun, Siwan, Kwanghee & Minwoo.
I was standing in front of Kevin when we sang: Mazeltov.. Himnaebwa. Mazeltov.. Useobwa~ Kevin didnt smile but Moon was like Oh! and he did the hand motions like us too ((:
Was really embarrasing but we stood out! HAHA
As my ZEA biases were DJ, Kevin & Minwoo, i HAD to shake hands with Kevin!
So after we danced i said thank you to Kevin and told him he had a great voice. I held out my hand to shake his and he did! His hands were smooth!
In front of Moon i cldnt do much but stare at his cute face! Said manaseo pangapseumnida and just smiled at him~
Taehun i didnt do much at all cuz i didnt have a thing for him. Hyunsik omgg was damn damn good looking! I swear he was born an ULLZHANG! and so tall too! I wanted to say Prince Hyungsik!! to him but nothing came up. i think most prolly i was waiting to talk to Dongjun!!!

Heecheol next! I love love love this crazy boy. When i stood in front of him i said: HEECHEOL AH! MOSHIDA!! (Translation: So cool!) Boy was so happy he beamed~~ HAHA i shld have shaked his hands too but i was happy with what i wanted to tell him so i skipped right on over to my baby boy DJ!

ohmygod. he is like so damn cute i tell you! haha even from a distance he glowed! So when i stood in front i practically screamed out his name and smiled so damn wide. He saw how happy and excited i was! I cld tell from his expression! HEHE I spoke to him. I said: DONGJUN AHHHH! Nomu nomu sarang... chuah haeyeo!! LOL i wanted to say chuah haeyeo in the first place but sarang came out so i changed last minute and it ended up like i was stuttering. But MY BABY BOY WENT: OH REALLY? (THE 'L' DAMN KARAT LA SEHHHH!!) I totally went: YAHHHH!!!! and nodded like a crayy crayy crazyy girl! HAHA
DongJun smiled wide and said thank you! I could tell that he knew i really liked him! HAHH I put out my hand to shake his and he was shocked but i didnt wanna give so in the end he just gave me three fingers! i think it was cuz he was holding onto his marker! His fingers were so smooth~~
By tt time i was already being pushed to stand in front of Siwan but DJ was turning to me and smiling. OMG boy i swear i love you! <3 <3

I thanked Siwan for coming to SG and told him to come back again. I think he said Thank You. Didnt really concentrated cuz my dongsaeng in front of me was dancing Abracadabra to Kwanghee and he was laughing so happily and mimicking her! HAHA I think i didnt speak much to KH. But i loved his English when he spoke during the show! Geero Geero! (Zero Zero~)
Kwanghee was also seem staring at my right hand. At first I thot he was staring at my bracelets but i think he was looking for presents and fanletters! HAHA CUTE.

Last but not least was adorable maknae Minwoo. He's my 3rd bias! I felt like telling him something but my mind was totally blank so i just thanked him and went down. In the end i kinda regretted it cuz i cld have wished him a belated bdae! hehe. Wanted to shake his hands too but he was like so busy with his signing~~ aww.

when i went down to spazz with my friends it seemed tt DJ shook hands with them with 3 fingers too! HAHA too cute! the next segment was handshake with Cat 2 fans. I purposely zoomed onto DJ and his handshake... boy shook hands like normal! HAHA so it MUST be the marker! LOL.
i love my DJ interactions. Apparently, according to my dongsaeng, DJ looked a lot into my fancams! i didnt even notice~~ too busy camming XD XD

check out my YT acc! muziqphreak

ZEA's fansign was as daebak as Ukiss's ((:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

2AM singapore fansign fanaccount

i am sorry dear blog cuz i have been ignoring you for so long~ but i am back! and with tons of stories and fanaccounts to share!

i'll start with the most recent one! meeting 2am for showcase and fansign ((:
i was really lucky to be one out of five of my other friends to get the ticket. And that was right after the conversation i had with Atiqa on letting what is meant to happen, happen to someone. Because fate is beautiful like that! And being a person happy with simple pleasure i was estatic to know that i have the chance to meet 2am face to face! I also made a new kpop friend and she's a Philipino! I guess its fated for us to randomly meet today and be friends! Nice to meet you BIANCA!~

So on with the show~ 2AM was daebak as expected singing their songs live. the mics proved to be a little bit of a problem but not too much. And then it was time for the fanmeet! As per usual we went up the stage on the right. First was Seulong, Changmin, Jo Kwon & Jinwoon. When still lining up i could see that Seulong was smiling from ear to ear and saying a big HI! to everyone who came in front of him. AWW his smile was so genuine ((: I LOVE SMILEY PEOPLE!

I stood in front of Seulong and automatically said Annyeong hasaeyeo and gave him a big smile. He replied back with an annyeong hasaeyeo, smiled at me and turned down to sign the album. While he was singing his cute huge ass signature I spoke again and said 'Manaseo pangaseumnida!' AND HE REPLIED BACK!
Nehh manaseo pangaseumnida~~ and he smiled again (i was HIGHHH!)

i scooted over to Changmin. He looked like he was having a hard time and he had like three albums with him and he was trying to sign as fast as he could. But when he heard my conversation with Seulong he glanced up at me and i just stare in his eyes. I swear it was a light brown kinda like cat's eyes but it was smaller. HEHE. I was shocked and could only stutter an 'Annyeohasaeyeo'. Changmin nodded and smiled.

As Changmin was taking quite long with the signatures, one of the security guards pulled me to stand in front of Jo Kwon. I was considered quite lucky as the fans in front of me were too starstruck to talk to any of them. HAHAH so more chances for me to speak up and interact. I kind of took over the place of the fan in front of me and totally went 'JO KWON!! Please come back to Singapore!!!' Kwonnie with his slim beautiful face and awesome orangeybrown hair looked up at me. He was concentrating on signing the album that i think it took quite some time for him to register what i said (he had a confused faraway expression) but when it suddenly dawned on him he went, 'Oh! Thank you!' and smile his famous diva smile ((:

I was considerably calm for all three of them but when I stood in front of the baby, the maknae, the ohsocute Jung Jinwoon... i just froze. Before, while sitting down waiting in the sun, whilst standing up waiting in line, i wanted to call Jinwoon 'chagiya!!' and maybe say ROCK ON whilst doing the rock on hand sign but when it came down to standing in front of the tall, charming, orange haired ball of cuteness... i just went, JINWOON AHHH! (i literally screamed his name so happily!!) I wasnt able to say anything else so i waved so enthusiastically in his face!! HAHAHA
i was smiling from ear to ear when i said his name and waving like a mad woman. Jinwoon smiled his MEGAWATT smile and handing my album to me with both arms out. I bowed a bit, said thank you and wobbled down the stairs. My hands were trembling! And here i thot i had fanmeetings and fansigns figured out! Seeing Jinwoon face to face and seeing his smile made me tremble.

thank you dear friends for making this possible.

Friday, May 14, 2010

beastly classroom

okay i have been smiling thruout the day like a pabo! minutes ago we've watched and spazzed over SJ's comeback stage. pure awesomeness i tell ya~ cant wait for them to conquer the awards ((:

main reason im here is to share my newest BEAST dream!! like my past dreams i usually get spazzy and watch videos of the characters before i fall asleep.
Last night i slept at like 230AM when i was supposed to wake up at 630AM for work. So i had like 3 hours 40 mins plus of precious sleep left when i finally managed to doze off. Was watching the Adieu Stage for BEAST at MNet Countdown. As usual, i spazzed a whole lot on my beastly babies.

Setting for the first scene was in some kind of classroom. I was shocked to see a blond haired short boy walking around in class. It was Seobie!! I was like jumping in joy but was hesitant to approach him to tell him how much i like then~~ then there was this unnie friend of mine who was standing beside me. She suddenly came up to him and screamed YOSEOB SARANGHAEYEO!!!! ..and she sat down. LOL Seobie was like @.@ but didnt comment. Even i was shocked!
i was seated directly in front of him with my unnie fren beside me smiling happily. Seobie looked a bit uneasy by himself. I couldnt really rmbr if there were others in the room (but who the hell cares ey, this is Yang Yoseob in front of me!!)
So i casually turned behind in my seat and started to strike a perfectly normal conversation with him. He smiled a lot and spoke perfect english (which i suspect he is very good at IRL). I was happy cuz i wasnt in hyper fangirling mode and screaming at everything he said. LOLLLL

best part was when he casually mentioned that they were gonna come back to Singapore on 31st JULY!! This was the part when i spazzed openly! AHAHA I still remember tt cute smile on his face when he talked :D *faints*

when i felt tt he was more at ease, i decided to ask him for a photo together! there were many other fangirls present but i somehow managed to get a pic with him (: then i stashed tt camera somewhere in the room.

after a fulfilling conversation with the visual maknae and tt prized photo in my camera, i went out of the classroom to find something (either food or the other members). Imagine my friggin shock when i saw JunHyung and DooJoon at one corner of the room reading something. I ran over to YongYong and said tht Yoseob was waiting for them in the next room! Jun and DJ both had like a confused face on. (maybe cuz in my mind i knew they weren't tt proficient in English- WE ARE HAPPINESS! AHAHA).. So i kinda tugged on Jun's sleeves (he was wearing his red and black striped performance jacket!! HAHA) or was it his arms and led them to Seobie. I didnt manage to talk to DJ personally tho.

Then the scene changed to be the classroom again. Dongwoon appeared! It was at the back of the classroom unlike the Seobie part where it was at the front of the class. Dongwoon smiled a lot too and he was really tall! i started looking for my camera to take pics with him but it was missing. i rmbr cursing to myself for losing such a precious photo (ohnoesplzdunletthisbeaSIGN!) Suddenly DW turned to leave the room when his hyungs were all leaving.I managed to call his name and he turned back.
'You can speak really good english!', i said.
'Yes i can!' he replied with a wide grin on his face.

i swear i could have just pat him on his head and say 'GOOD JOB!!'
sho proud of maknae! XD

on a side note i have no idea why i didnt dream of my beast bias gikwang instead. but im really happy with my beast dream within tt short 3 hrs 40 mins!
i kept waking up ard 6am tho cuz i was scared of being late for work! XP
and weirdest part was tt i had dongho's name like repeated so many times in my head the moment i woke up. news of ukiss fanmeet really got me essited!

*chants* Yoon Doo Joon, Jang Hyun Seung, Yong Jun Hyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gi Kwang, Son Dong Woon, to-get-her, 비-스-트!

Friday, April 09, 2010

karma bites


which brings up the topic of me being pissed off at the malaysian ELFs during SS2.
im the kind of person who shows her disagreement and unhappiness VERY OPENLY but will never come right out and say it (does Dongho do that? cuz he's my type B hero like that.. HAHA)~ Imagine, we were like number 15 in line. We lined up for the RockPit A line from 7am. When we reached Bukit Jalil Stadium we were shocked but pleasantly surprised to see such a short line at 7am for a 7pm korean concert. Singapore fans are very different from Msia fans in terms of lining up i guess.. So we wait for practically half a day in the hot scorching sun. Many times we had to direct ppl to the back, ppl who tried to squeeze into the front of the line. We succeeded many times and happily waited till around 3-4pm there was this group of around 9 girls (average age: 18?) They friggin just sat beside us. The line was actually like one lonnng snake but when the girls sat beside us it looked damn obvious cuz the snake looked FAT at the front. We spoke nicely to them saying tt the line was at the back. They just gave a stupid look and kept saying that the ppl in FRONT of us didnt line up right (cuz they sat in a line that was abit crooked). Fazy tried to tell them many times in a calm tone to go to where they were supposed to go but it seemed that they ignored her too. I couldnt take it any longer and i blew up and screamed at them that it wasnt fair that we had to line up since 7am while they just came at 4pm and sat beside us. They STILL didnt budge. By that time i was FUMING MAD. I refused to talk to anybody and just sat listening to my mp4.
Im those kind of ppl who cant shout at ppl cuz the next moment i will cry. i usually hide my anger and resentment in my heart till i cant take it anymore and tell tt person off.. (yes this kind of ppl exist!) but somehow being in that heat and with the restlessness piling up.. i just blew up.
I screamed at them two more times. now with more hatred and just plain anger. I think i might have used the F word a couple of times. But what i hated most was that no one behind us fought for their places. oh well i tried.
ppl were pushing so much till a few girls fainted. we pushed those blardy liars as much as we cld but they still managed to get in at the same time as us. Oh and after that, the long snaky line behind practically collapsed. just cuz of these 9 liars. there was no justice to those who lined up early. lots of things happened in line while in wait for suju. which involved TONS of snarky remarks by me. Gosh i swear i have NEVER been so angry in my life. I had talk with fazy in the hotel after breakfast. I told her that i was really scared for my life cuz after screaming at the 9 of them i remember thinking what if they came up to me during the concert and try to hurt me! gosh.

oh wells. i strongly believe in KARMA.
i know for a fact that KARMA BITES BACK.
and i hope she does.
i hope she bites you guys TEN-FOLD!
So long b****es.

Not just anyone.. 2NE1!!

i just had a kpop dream after so long! the last i had was the days leading to SS2! ahh and the one i had of 2pm on the night after SS2. That dream was kinda short but i was happy baby woo was inside it! haha. Cuz SS2 was all about stalking and taking tons of fancams of SuperJunior; i guess my 2pm love/conscience was a bit jealous and the boys started to appear in my dream! HAHA. All i know was that i was super shagged post SS2 cuz of all the pushing and fighting~ will elaborate more later in the post. The short 2pm dream just consisted of the boys being like 2-3metres away and us fangirls were busy taking fancams of them instead! Weird part was that i dont remember that much screaming..
maybe cuz i know what makes a good fancam/ fanvideo is that you (videographer) has to keep quiet and not be able to scream and spazz till the whole thing is over. I guess that is one of the big cons of being a videographer. You have to keep your excitement level low and stay calm cuz getting excited means a shaky video. But the best advantage is having an awesome video to relive the memory by!

back to the 2ne1 dream! HAHA
the events tt lead to the dream kinda have importance to it so im gonna share what i did~
i was home from having my second last theory paper (HOORAY!) at 2pm today. I had already eaten at school and felt like chilling on my lappy before going to take a nap in the aftnn to be able to mugg at night. Nowadays im watching this american drama called GLEE. Its awesome! The next High School Musical i tell you! haha
so to cut things short, there was this one asian dude in it who was actually a dancer in Step Up and i did some wikipedia research on him.. blablabla. which led to youtubing some videos and i came upon this one Philipines StarStruck Show (kinda like American Idol). The video was of the male and female contestants covering KOREAN POP in ENGLISH! ultimate horror i tell you!!

they sang I dont care, Nobody & Sorry Sorry. Ultimate fail! Worth the watch for laughter though. Hehe. so then after watching Glee till 5pm i went to nap~
I admit that i have this bad habit of napping in the evening. this pisses my mum off a lot cuz from what she said the evening time is the best time the devils will enter ur body. i mean its like a wives' tale- its scary and all but my body just wont be able to stay awake past 12mn if i dont nap. And i blame this habit to working morning shifts! HAHA i get so sleepy from work tt i will nap straight after coming back from work..
so anyways TIP 1: most of my kpop dreams happen during my evening naps.
TIP 2: you have to watch something tt is related to the person u wanna dream abt!
(i posted my Beast- AJ and Junhyung dream here before.. i watched AJ's Wipe the Tears like 7 times (all different performances mind you! haha) the aftnn i dreamt of them :D)

So i guess tt short dance/ cover of I Dont Care made me dream abt the girls!
I was seated in the front row of an auditorium. There were many fans watching and supporting the 2NE1 girls who were performing. They looked so radiant and happy performing :D
then the scene was cut to the part where the girls have ended their performance. they were seated on the stage discussing something. The stage was one of those small, low lecture theatre type of stages so i was able to come up to them personally. There wasnt many other fans left as the rest were filing out of the theatre. I fumbled in my bag for the concert tickets and handed it straight to Minzy (MY BIAS!!) to sign~ She was signing it halfway when the marker went out of ink.. She went off try to get a new one but i was like 'wait! i think i have one in my bag!' (PS: i really DO carry permanent markers in my makeup bag for such reasons! :P) so i handed it to Bom who reached out her hand and took it with a smile and proceeded on to sign on it.
I took the concert ticket and looked at Minzy's cute signature tt was in fading ink cuz of the dry marking. (i dunno how her real signature looks like btw! haha) Then i figured she had already finished signing it cuz the signature looked kinda complete. Bom's signature looked cute too! Somehow when i passed the ticket to Sandara who was nearest to me, it turned into an autograph book! Sandara wrote a really LONG message for me.. it was so friggin farnie it doesnt make sense at ALL! haha
After she signed it i took it from her and laughed aloud when reading it. The longest message reads something along the lines of Ryfflesoptometrist is Parkinsonianism!! (LOL! WTH is right! i can explain why these words came out. Cuz i had stopped by Ryffles shop in AMK Hub to get new contacts before i got home. And the parkinsonianism is cuz of one comment my geron classmate wrote to another friend's wall.. so random! very -..-") i did a double take reading it and looked at Sandara and the book simultaeneously. She just laughed a cute but awkward laugh. I laughed too hearing it (and remember thinking, this is the crazy weird girl who posts random stuff on her me2day.. what can i expect! haha). After tt i reached out to CL and passed her my autograph book. I dunno why i didnt have much interaction with CL and Bom TT.TT I didnt really see CL's face in my dream.. more of like, oh the girl beside Sandara is CL! I'll just pass the book to her to make it complete! (gosh im sorry CL! im a big fan of urs too! CL is my second fave!)

After CL signed it i took both the ticket (which miraculously reappeared!) and the autograph book in both hands. I remember thinking, oh wldnt it be better if ALL of them signed on my ticket instead! (HAHA Greed is a human trait! bear with me now fellow beings~) okay this is when the weird part starts..
i turned back to the girls and one of them was replaced with this one chubby average looking girl. It seemed that she was replacing one of the members (either CL and Bom). From the dream it looks like i was quite close to the new girl and tt she was supposed to pass me some promotional merchandise of the girls that she promised me weeks ago. So i was talking to her and planning on how to avoid clashing with other fan girls at the hotel and stuff. I suggested meeting at their hotel and asked for the hotel they were staying at. Suddenly she went, oh sorry! i have an interview with this one 13 membered group later in the afternoon!' I asked her what 13 member group?
she replied, 'oh 2pm and 2am!' I just went 'Oh i seee... Darn. Then when to meet? Hmmmmm~' at that time i didnt occur to me that even 7 + 4 does not equal to 13! HAHA

From here u can see that i am indeed loyal to my Suju and OneDay love! XD
i was still happily talking to this girl when suddenly my secondary school friend came up to me and sat on the stage. there was a grp of them there earlier for the concert but they had left when i was asking for autographs. so when she suddenly came up to me i was shocked but i was still engrossed in my conversation. Suddenly one of her friends started to flare up and scream 'Come on! how much longer do i have to wait?! I want to go home!'
I shocked even myself when without thinking twice i went up to her and screamed back, 'I dont remember asking you guys to wait for me!' while giving her the WTF are you doing here look. And that girl squirmed in her seat and backed down.. Everyone else was shocked but i was just... angry.
I woke up to the sound of my mum nagging at me saying that its 8pm and i need to wake up.
so yeah! that was my 2ne1 dream! ending was a bit I blame that on my mum and dad nagging at me before i took my nap at 5pm.

but still a kpop dream is a kpop dream (:
happy dreaming my lovelies!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


on the 25th when news broke out that the decision was final, tears ran down my cheeks. but they said that there'll be an all important conference to answer all the qns we have on the 27th. i told my quivering heart that there is still hope. maybe the hottests present cld help them see the light, the love, the support we all offer.

yesterday (26th feb) at cwp ..
logged on to twitter cuz my itchy heart was yearning for news, almost cried into my plate of food. pushed back my tears so that i wont be embarrased in front of the happy families and grps of frens eating out in banquet. but i remained sorrowful and morose the whole time. on the bus back home from woodlands i let my mp4 play continuously. the battery was in the red zone and was dying real soon. i kept thinking in my head: what if it died exactly on a 2pm song? what song will it be? will my mp4 really know my heart?
(cuz it happened before that it played what my heart wanted to hear when its actually on shuffle mode.. and by shuffle mode i meant all 2259 songs including english songs!-- rmbr when it played barae as i ran to catch FTI post Seould Out concert send-off?)

tears was coming down slowly as i thought back of the times jay tricked taec on his hidden camera ep in WB. how close he was with them. how much woo cried for him.
suddenly an all too familiar tune came on..
and i cried even more as wooyoung started the verse.
it was Only You.
then i thot back abt tt Win Win episode how woo explained abt the hardships they faced during debut period (for Only You promos).. oh gosh. what a song to choose ey dear mp4?
to think tt after i heard the heartbreaking news on 25th i actually skipped all the 2pm songs tt started playing? (cuz it was too painful to listen)..

now on the 27th.
conference with big shots and 2pm members are done.
masks are thrown.
attitudes and faces are revealed for the first time.
news from 2od rep making us confused cuz it was w/o clarification d/t hurried texting.
helpless fans stood on the other side of the screen poised for every new update.
we interpreted all that we heard our own way.
till now it is revealed..

taec sniggering.
woo trying to cover his tracks.
even khun the angel laughing at jay's dance crew video.
all of them denying accusations made.
saying tt they'll work harder.
saying tt they're not lying.

i dont want to believe all this.
especially since this came out from their own mouth.

if what they said is real
is this the 2pm that we all love, respect, support and look up to?
all i see are vengeful demons. sniggering at fans?
is that how low you have gone to? really?

i guess we asked for it.
what you want is what you get.
now i'll just have to see it for myself.

the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place
i havent made my decision on where i currently stand
till then.
this has been a hottest who has always supported jay.

one man saved six
the time came for six to save one..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


have you ever imagined how devastating it would be if your haven,
your little room where you go to every now and then
to escape from life's troubles
gets broken into?

its as if there's a blackhole sucking everything in,
everything you've ever loved,
every little thing that makes you smile,
laugh or even makes your heart skip a beat.

what happens if this black hole;
tiny and unnoticable to the naked eye
but huge looming and scares the living daylights out of you,
consumes all your love

..and then you're left with nothing?


an empty room.

what use is that room to you now?
i'd say i'd leave and never look back.

but deep inside
i'd wish i had shut the door tight.

Monday, January 04, 2010

2010. Pfft!

it is officially 2010. And its post number 214.
Thank you dear readers for staying with me all these while. I really appreciate your visit into the realm where i spazz my excitement, vent my anger and teenage(!!) angst and maybe shed a few tears. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart :D

2010. Another year. A whole new lease of life. But why does it feel so .. mundane? I seriously dont feel the difference. Nowadays im happier in school compared being all vulnerable to mistakes and the laser eyes of the big sisters at work. But i guess sometimes i just get too worked up with projects and exams. And my classmates.. Gosh i dont feel close to them at all! I dont know how the batch before me (my cuzzin and bro's gf's batch) are like inseparable. And i hate it tt my lecturer compares me to my cuzzin who's apparently very vocal and friendly.. I hate being compared. Its like i have something to compete with. Seems like teenage school days all over again. Geez.

Im not gonna make new yrs resolutions but i just wish for good grades for studies. So i can move ahead and hopefully go to a good ward with good colleagues who dun stab your backs or talk bad abt you. I sincerely miss my uncle and auntie patients! Well minus the anxious (sometimes irritating) family members. I miss the fun times we have joking with the uncles and aunties behind the curtains while we help them with their activities of daily living like sponging, tube feeding, even changing of diapers. I miss playing ard with my old demented elderlys.. Or how we used to pass over funny stories of what happened during our shifts. Or gossip abt those family's kids! Haha. I miss the cute doctors on call. Some are real nice and down to earth ppl whilst some are just downright nasty. We'll always compare which ho we like and complain how much we miss this doctor and hate that one. Hahaha. But i guess it'll be back to the wards for many years to come :D .. After im done with studies!

Tt was totally random! Didnt plan on talking abt ward life! But it was nice talking it out~

other random stuff.
My trusty cybershot cam has been with me for goddamn how many years i dunno.. Maybe 3 years? Bought it prolly cuz i was gonna go london. Now it has seen so many things and i love it so for capturing such beautiful memories on film! London and korea trip! :D it worked extra awesome as fancams for concerts and stalking of stars especially. I love you camera! Haha
but sadly now, its being all sensitive and a lil bit haywire with the controls. Lately i discovered the sound for when i press the controls was gone.. (i find tt sound really loud and annoying actually but now tt its gone, i find it nervewrecking) well mostly cuz i think i wont be long till i'll have to say goodbye and thank it for its services. Gosh.

Another trusty companion tt i bring with me everywhere is my mp4! So far so good :D
no hanging, no weird sounds, no spoilt buttons. I hope it lasts till next yr!

Well im talking abt gadgets cuz i'll need to plan what i need to get next!
Maybe a semi pro camera if my cybershot dies first.
And then an ipod touch cuz ive always wanted one of those. But hopefully my mp4 can last till 2011!

Schools starting tomorrow! *stabs self*
on a brighter note, later today im gonna go visit some old folks! Hope it'll be fun!
Till next time!